【Oyama Doriyaki Course】 (12 items in total) 2 hours with all you can drink 5000 yen

5000 Yen

(Tax included) / per person

A luxurious course that can be said as a mountain climbing Oyama.The soup which cooked Oyama starch garla thoroughly for 8 hours thoroughly is exquisite taste although it has richness but it is not persistent.In addition, you can enjoy violet popular classic skewers, Hinatro, Negima.


【Appetizer】 Negi Doka Yakko

【Delicacy of Tottori】 Assorted oyama rice and delicacies

【Excellent】 Tornado pepper vinegar

【Gem】 Drooling chicken

【Salad】 Sumire Salad

【Homemade】 Tamagoyaki

【Rarity】 Hinataro salt

【Specialty Skewers】 Negima Sauce

【Skewer Market】 Cupie winding

【Deep-fried foods】 Raised from oyama rice noodle

【Nabe】 Water cooked with Oyama rice (with raw Tsukune)

【Tsuki】 wild cooking

A luxurious course that can fully enjoy Oyama starch

* Course contents may be changed depending on purchase situation.