【Tsukkarbi and skewers course well courses】 (12 items in total) 2 hours with all you can drink 4500 yen

4500 yen

(Tax included) / per person

A popular course that you can taste all the gems on topic 'Cheese Taccarbie' and skewers of Oyama Turtle !! This course is definitely the next repeat maker!


【Standard】 Sumire salt cabbage

【Excellent】 Tornado pepper vinegar

[Extraordinary] Drooled chicken

【Salad】 Caesar salad

【Popular】 Rebacho

【Rarity】 Hinataro salt

【Road】 Negiri Saddle

【Okama】 Tsukune Sora

【Chopstick break】 French fries

【Teppanyaki】 Deep-fried chicken juicy with Oyama

【Nabe】 Cheese Taccarbie

【ぺ】 Pokpa

* The contents may change depending on the purchase situation.