【Daisen Shirayu no Oyama Tabari Nabe Course】 (9 items in all) 2 hours with all you can drink 3500 yen

3500 yen

(Tax included) / per person

Exactly the royal road hot water hot pot !! I would definitely like to taste the purity of Oyama rice.


【Standard】 Sumire salt cabbage

【Appetizers】 Acorn

【Popular】 Rebacho

【Excellent】 Tornado pepper vinegar

【Salad】 Caesar salad

【Chopstick break】 French fries

【Teppanyaki】 Rising from Oyama rice

【Nabe】 Dense thick white water hotpot of Oyama rice

【Tsuki】 ramen

* Course contents may be changed depending on purchase situation.