【Daisen Tari's <Cheese Tacalcbie> course】 (9 products in all) 2 hours with all you can drink 4000 yen

4000 yen

(Tax included) / per person

New vulgar's staple! 【Cheese Taccarbie】 Just, not meatball but also meat 【Oyama Dori】 The pot is taken from authentic South Korea! Authentic faction! Not just delicious, it looks beautiful, smooth and cheese It is an enjoyable gem to eat.


【Standard】 Sumire salt cabbage

【Appetizers】 Acorn

【Excellent】 Lever carpaccio "Rebacho"

【Commitment】 Drooling chicken

【Salad】 Caesar salad with green leaf

【Fried】 French fries

【Fried Fried】 Deep-fried Juicy of Oyama Fish

【Main】 Cheese Taccarbie

【ぺ】 Pokpa

※ Volume perfect score! Cheese lovers are an irresistible gem.The menu of commitment is packed as much !!

* Course contents may be changed depending on purchase situation.