【Feel free 3000 yen skewer course】 (9 items in total) 2 hours with all you can drink 3000 yen

3000 yen

(Tax included) / per person

Perfect for those who want to eat something delicious with their friends and waiwai !! You can enjoy the vageness at affordable prices !!


【Standard】 Sumire salt cabbage

【Appetizers】 Acorn

【Excellent】 Rebacho (lever carpaccio)

【New snack】 Salt boiled peanut

【Fried】 French fries

【Exquisite】 Deep fried chicken from juicy of Oyama rice

【Rare】 Hinabro salt

【Teppanyaki】 Negirumago

【Okama】 Tsukune Sora

※ You can change from 【pot】 to 【skewer】.Nabe menu, excellent item ⇒ Yakitori Hinata Trout Salt, Negama Salt, Fluffy Tsukune Sorry

* Course contents may be changed depending on purchase situation.